I’m Here For You


Need a shoulder to lean on? Someone to listen to you vent? Do you feel alone, and as if no one can hear your cries for help? I’m here for you.

Since the age of eleven, I have been battling anxiety and depression… I am nineteen years old now, turning twenty next year in February.

Given my illnesses, I know what it is like to think that no one cares, and that everyone is against you. I can also totally relate to the feelings of not wanting to get out of bed, and not wanting to go out there and face the world.

My anxiety seems to take pleasure in beating my soul up, by filling my mind with irrational, obsessive thoughts, which can cause one to feel so… terrified. And my depression likes to grab my head and push me down into the water, leaving me flailing around helplessly until numbness creeps into my body.

More than often, I worry about what others think of me; what to do the next day and how to get it all done within a period of twenty-four hours without losing my mind; when to get this and that finished; and so much more.

Anyway, I’m saying all of this, because I want to let you know, that you are not alone.

If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), major depressive disorder (MDD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or any other kind of mental illness… you are not alone. A great number of people, myself included, can relate to what you are going through. True, we all have our own battles to fight, and very different ones at that. No one’s situation is exactly the same as another.

But that does not mean that we cannot comprehend one another’s struggles. There are people have been in a similar situation as you; not all, but at least some.

And whether others believe it or not, mental illness is as valid as physical illness. In spite of how discrimination and stigma are still prevalent when it comes to mental illness, it’s not all in your head! Some people just fail to understand.

Helping others is one of my passions. It is truly wonderful to know that someone out there is feeling better, going places, and living the dream, and you have played a part in it. I go out of my way to try and brighten other people’s days, whether it be by giving them a sincere compliment, or offering advice regarding one of their problems, or simply listening with compassion and understanding as they open up about the hardships that they are faced with.

So if you, a family member of yours, or a friend is having a rough time at the moment, and would like to talk about it… I’m willing to listen. My inbox is always open.



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Environmental Education

There was once a time awhile back
When people thought the earth would last
The sunlight swept over the valleys
The sea was a clear blue, lovely to see.

The stars would shine among one another
When darkness fell, night after the other
A diverse range of trees & flower shrubs
Treated with such great care and love.

Now that the world has seen progress
In technology and all branches of science
Thanks to man’s creative imagination
More areas are experiencing pollution.

For instance, cars and power stations
Result in the air being contaminated
The importance of preventing destruction
Of this world cannot be underestimated.

We should not neglect our environment
Rather, we must love and care for it
Lest our planet will not last for too long
In need of a leader to right our wrongs.

Gather together, and help one another
In making this world better and cleaner
So that everything may be preserved
For generations in the distant future.

A Bird Locked In Its Cage

Likened to a bird locked in its cage

Boiling inside me is a ball of rage

As well as other troubling emotions

It is as if my world has stopped in motion.


I want to do what would bring me joy

Yet it is something that I try to avoid

For I know that what I want is wrong

I just cannot seem to move on.


There are many temptations around me

In a room full of people, I feel lonely

And out of place, as if I do not belong

I’m losing faith in myself to remain strong.


It is my desire to make them happy

But then… what about me?

Does my happiness even truly matter?

Or do they just say it to make me feel better?


I do not know what to do anymore

It happens that the more I resist, the more

I end up growing more attracted to it

I wish that somebody would understand this.


If anybody is reading this poem of mine

I am sorry to say this, but I need some time

To think about where in this journey I shall go

When I have it figured out, I’ll let you know.

For Sarah

In this life, there are ups & downs and twists & turns
With many hardships & tribulations to endure
Sometimes one problem after another leads us to feel sad
There may even be moments we forget the blessings we have.

During dark times like these, it is like a snowball effect
As we grow older in age, the harder our trials get
Then they start to place, and come at a quicker pace
And we become unsure of whether we could win our race.

You are probably one of the people who can strongly relate
I know that you have been through innumerable misfortunes
Though you can make it through; take things day by day
You are bigger and tougher than your afflictions.

Keep striving for another tomorrow, a new day, a fresh start
A second chance to make things better and work it out
Live the life of your dreams; follow your heart
Make the most out of your life while you are still around.

As a person who is always willing to help others,
You are worthy of a life filled with blissful times
So please hang in there; it never rains forever
At the end of the tunnel lies your beautiful prize.

You Don’t Even Know

You may not find any scars

When you examine my skin

But once you look into my heart

You will see millions of them.

You may see a smile on this face

Yet it’s all just a facade

If only everyone knew the truth

That I’m not happy; I’m feeling blue.

You may hear me laugh out loud

But the truth is, I feel like I’m gonna drown

I seem competent, a woman of power

Though I’m feeling weaker hour by hour.

You may think that I have it all

The grass is greener on the other side

But you don’t know my struggles and falls

I only let you see a part of my life.

So please do not make assumptions

When you do not know the whole story

And do not jump to conclusions

When you do not know all of me.


Like a wind that gently strokes me with care

Like the sunlight that dances across my hair

Like dust that drifts along then slowly flies away

Like a horse easy to love but hard to break…

My heart can feel your presence by my side

Yet when I try to find you with my own eyes

Nobody is there; pinch me, is this a dream?

I struggle with this every day, as crazy as it seems.

You are like a butterfly, within inches of my face

When my hand reaches out, you begin to fly away

Filled with anguish, I do not know what to do

But it is crystal clear, you’re too perfect to be true.

They say that love is in the air; with this, I agree

I like to believe that you & I are meant to be

You remind me of some angel sent to bring

To me happiness, a peace of mind, and everything.

Although I have not yet felt the touch of your hand

I am sincerely grateful that we have crossed paths

My darling, ever so lovely, wherever you are

I will find you one day, and I‘ll hold you in my arms.

Let Go

The truth is, I love you very much

But I need to move on; I need to let go

The path that lies ahead is very rough

That is why I must face it alone.

We lived life together with its ups & downs

As well as twists & turns, out and about

Through thick and thin, you were there

I actually felt your concern, love, and care.

During the time when you cried & cried

I wiped away the tears from your eyes

My heart sank in anguish at the sight

Of you suffering; it was a terrifying night.

Deep down inside, though, I hope & pray

That it will all change when we part ways

I would rather see you happy without me

Than have you drown in so much misery.

In this chaotic and dark mess of a life

It is in you that I see the way and the light

Thank you for giving me the wings to fly

Now it’s time to set you free tonight…

That you may soar across the sky as well

For I wouldn’t be able to live with myself

If you die lonely without enjoying life

I love you more than words can describe.

I guess that this is my final departure

I wish you a blissful and joyous future

Full of promise and hope for no more pain

When you need me, I am just a call away.