Love Is On Its Way

Like a wind that gently strokes me with care

Like the sunlight that dances across my hair

Like dust that drifts along then slowly flies away

Like a horse easy to love but hard to break…

My heart can feel your presence by my side

Yet when I try to find you with my own eyes

Nobody is there; pinch me, is this a dream?

I struggle with this every day, as crazy as it seems.

You are like a butterfly, within inches of my face

When my hand reaches out, you begin to fly away

Filled with anguish, I do not know what to do

But it is crystal clear, you’re too perfect to be true.

They say that love is in the air; with this, I agree

I like to believe that you & I are meant to be

You remind me of some angel sent to bring

To me happiness, a peace of mind, and everything.

Although I have not yet felt the touch of your hand

I am sincerely grateful that we have crossed paths

My darling, ever so lovely, wherever you are

I will find you one day, and I‘ll hold you in my arms.


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