For Sarah

In this life, there are ups & downs and twists & turns
With many hardships & tribulations to endure
Sometimes one problem after another leads us to feel sad
There may even be moments we forget the blessings we have.

During dark times like these, it is like a snowball effect
As we grow older in age, the harder our trials get
Then they start to place, and come at a quicker pace
And we become unsure of whether we could win our race.

You are probably one of the people who can strongly relate
I know that you have been through innumerable misfortunes
Though you can make it through; take things day by day
You are bigger and tougher than your afflictions.

Keep striving for another tomorrow, a new day, a fresh start
A second chance to make things better and work it out
Live the life of your dreams; follow your heart
Make the most out of your life while you are still around.

As a person who is always willing to help others,
You are worthy of a life filled with blissful times
So please hang in there; it never rains forever
At the end of the tunnel lies your beautiful prize.


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