A Bird Locked In Its Cage

Likened to a bird locked in its cage

Boiling inside me is a ball of rage

As well as other troubling emotions

It is as if my world has stopped in motion.


I want to do what would bring me joy

Yet it is something that I try to avoid

For I know that what I want is wrong

I just cannot seem to move on.


There are many temptations around me

In a room full of people, I feel lonely

And out of place, as if I do not belong

I’m losing faith in myself to remain strong.


It is my desire to make them happy

But then… what about me?

Does my happiness even truly matter?

Or do they just say it to make me feel better?


I do not know what to do anymore

It happens that the more I resist, the more

I end up growing more attracted to it

I wish that somebody would understand this.


If anybody is reading this poem of mine

I am sorry to say this, but I need some time

To think about where in this journey I shall go

When I have it figured out, I’ll let you know.


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