Environmental Education

There was once a time awhile back
When people thought the earth would last
The sunlight swept over the valleys
The sea was a clear blue, lovely to see.

The stars would shine among one another
When darkness fell, night after the other
A diverse range of trees & flower shrubs
Treated with such great care and love.

Now that the world has seen progress
In technology and all branches of science
Thanks to man’s creative imagination
More areas are experiencing pollution.

For instance, cars and power stations
Result in the air being contaminated
The importance of preventing destruction
Of this world cannot be underestimated.

We should not neglect our environment
Rather, we must love and care for it
Lest our planet will not last for too long
In need of a leader to right our wrongs.

Gather together, and help one another
In making this world better and cleaner
So that everything may be preserved
For generations in the distant future.


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