For Honorata

The strong winds attempt to blow you away
And with each & every single passing day
The distance between you and the shore
Increases to the point you don’t see land anymore.

As you are stranded in the middle of the sea
Fear creeps into your heart as the night sees
That you are being led into uncharted waters
Hour by hour, the sky grows darker & darker.

A few months or years or so have flown by
Yet up to this day, there is still no front in sight
Your shoulders start to curl forward in hopelessness
Uncertain of whether you will ever survive this.

But darling, please do not allow yourself to sink
I know that there are times when you are on the brink
Of tears and breaking down; just remember
That these challenges can only make you stronger.

Before the storm, you had not a single clue
About what you were getting yourself into
But that’s completely fine; it does not mean
That it’s your fault for what has come to be.

Please keep on moving; you will win this fight
Although you are struggling, you will be alright
Maybe not right now, but there will come a time
When you can say ‘I’m fine’ without telling a lie.


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