My Dear Seth

Tossing and turning in bed, my body and mind restless
I can still feel your taste on my lips, a precious vestige
In the midst of the cloudiness and noise of this fog
For the sound of your angelic voice, I am agog.

Other people say that in time, my heart will heal
Yet the more days fly, the more pain that I feel
If only my love had the power to save your life
You would still be here, breathing and alive.

Some days, I spend quality time with old chums
In feeble attempts to forget what went wrong
Other days, I isolate myself from the rest of the world
A vacant look in my eyes, no longer a happy girl.

Every once in awhile, I go on dates with other men
But you are the one who is always in my head
I am at a loss for words; I have ran out of breath
Why did you have to go so early, my dear Seth?

Every day, I sincerely hope and pray in my heart
That I will be with you again, never again apart
It is you alone whom I have loved from the start
No other man can replace you; you are my world and star.


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