Thinking of You

It has been awhile since I last heard from you
Little do you know that every day I wonder
What is going on in your life, what is new
My thoughts revolve around you, my mind wanders.

Ever since the day you walked away for good
There is nothing much that I have been up to
Some days I’m dead to the world, in my bed
With a warm blanket and pillow over my head.

Sometimes my friends come over to my house
My hair would be put up in a messy ponytail
I would be dressed in a straggly skirt, unkempt blouse
The color of my cold skin a sickly pale.

On Friday nights, I’d stay all by myself in my room
Watching ‘The Notebook’ over and over again
Spread out all over the floor are used tissues
My eyes swollen from crying, lost and broken.

People say that time turns a broken heart’s frown upside down
Though it seems that as the days fly, as the seasons change
Within my soul, there are always more scars to be found
No matter what I do, I’m likened to a bird locked in its cage.

You could be out in a club, checking out some other lady
Or watering flowering shrubs with a glass of wine
To the drunken and roaring laughter of your company
While I’m here, wishing you were once more mine.

Whoever I am with, and wherever I go
I hope in your heart, you’ll always know
That my love for you has always been true
And even in my sleep, I’m thinking of you.


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