I’m Sorry

I’m sorry if there was something I did wrong
You never told me why you were going to leave
Without a single word, you have just gone
Leaving me on the sidewalk to cry & bleed.

I’m sorry if I was not ever good enough
Even if I dress up nicely and put on make-up
I still feel like I will never deserve your love
You are worthy of a girl who is not messed up.

I’m sorry if I was ever too clingy or dependent
We both agree that I am far from being perfect
You gave me your affection, love, and care
But now you’ve walked out the door, no longer there.

I’m sorry for the times I cancelled our plans and dates
Countless is the number of excuses I’ve made
I felt remorse for all of your time I’ve wasted
I understand why, in the end, your patience faded.

My point here is that I sincerely apologize
For every single thing that I have done
That has driven you to stomp out of my life
It is all my fault; I am the one in the wrong.


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