Why, why did you walk out of my life,
Leaving me with a heart that whimpers;
A runny nose; red, swollen, teary eyes;
And a fear of once more getting hurt?

Why, why did you leave me all alone
To tread these paths on my own,
With not a single soul by my side,
But those who make me feel sad & cry?

Why, why did the sweet words you said
Seemed so convincing and real back then?
I hope that I move on, though I don’t know when;
I don’t want to go through that again.

Why, why did you have to make a promise
That you never intended to keep?
We shared with each other times of bliss,
I guess you found someone better than me.

Why, why do I still have these feelings for you,
In spite of all the crap you have put me through?
I pray GOD replaces the ice where your heart ought to be,
That you may not betray anyone else like you did to me.


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